Valentine 2023 Litter

Welcome to Little Angels!  We have been breeding for over 18 years.  We are located in Manteca, CA.  We are one hour from the bay area or Sacramento area.  

     Our labs are truly our pets and part of our family.  Our dogs are indoor outdoor labs that enjoy camping and vacationing with the family.  Labs have been apart of our families for many generations and we know the breed.  We raise Labrador puppies that are healthy with excellent temperament.  All our Labs are  AKC OFA OFEL Certified.  Click on the links to the left for more information about each of our dogs.

We also have a facebook page that you can visit to see posts from many years of customers that have become a part of the Little Angels family. We also post regularly with pictures and video's so that you can feel apart of your Little Angels first few weeks :). And can share with us after you take your Little Angel home.

We started breeding because of our love for Labrador Retrievers and wanting to provide families with good quality family dogs. The puppies are handeled daily by us and the kids.  We also have the puppies around cats.  We breed to better the health and temperment of Labs.  We are commited to raising a Lab puppy that will be a Little Angel for you and your family!  

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