We give a 7 day guarantee you can use to have your new puppy checked by your local Vet.  In the rare event that your puppy is not healthy as a result of natural illness we will be happy to take the puppy back with your Vet's report.  We will guarantee your puppies' hips for 25 months. We allow twenty-five months, since the OFA will not certify a dog's hips until they are 24 months old. Our guarantee gives you thirty days from your dog's second birthday to have them certified. Ratings that are Excellent, Good and Fair are acceptable and no refund will be provided. Ratings that are Mild, Moderate and Severe will either be offered a new puppy at the next breeding or your money refunded at our next breeding. Borderline ratings will follow the recommendation of the OFA. OFA usually will want to re-examine your dog's hips in six months, and at that time, we will follow their findings with the above actions. If you have taken x-rays and submitted them before the 30 day deadline, but have not yet received the report back, I will still honor my guarantee. The aformentioned refund is contengent upon the return of the dog in question. We also guarantee the elbows the same as the hips. We love, we take pride in bettering the breed and passing on sound puppies to wonderful families. We hope to establish a long term relationship with our pups new owners

At 3 ½ months of age if male pup does not have both testicles and is planned to be bread in the future it can be returned for refund of purchase price, but must be stated on this receipt at time of purchasing full registration of that intent to breed.

Buyer must NOT complete any AKC paperwork until after the 7 days given for veterinarian health check up.  If AKC Registration Application is damaged or written on in any form or lost, sale is final.

We also Recommend using Nu Vet Vitamins daily to keep your Little Angel in the health possible. For more information visit our vitamin page.

Protect your Little Angel for Life
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Our Health Guarantee